Saturday, 12 May 2012

How not to sell a Kickstarter Project.

Wanted To Say...

The Pitch
Please help me publish my second novella.  I will be honest my first was horrible but I can assure you this will be better.  When I was 20 I self published my first novella and boy did it suck.  Now that I am 30 I have honed my skills and I promise you at least a mediocre story.  Check out my first Novella on Amazon. Think twice before buying or reading it because it will only end in disappointment for you and surely obliterate any chance of you backing my current project.  

The Fail
This is like going up to a girl in a bar and telling her "When I was 20 I lost my virginity, but I swear I have gotten better in bed so there may be a chance you wont laugh" And yet it still got a few dollars of funding, I guess some people are desperate or just felt really bad for him.

Worst Pledge


0 BACKERS • Limited Reward (20 of 20 remaining)

Handwritten thank you postcard in gratitude of your support. Sorry I'm not a millionaire so no hallmark cards with the fancy colored envelopes.
His 1st "novella" is 10 dollars on Amazon. Yet you are supposed to give him more than twice as much for a copy of this one. Not sure if he understands Kickstarter.

The Result

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